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Retro & New

The house of Dr. Marsh being fully occupied, we made our beds in a shed, a short distance from it. Suspended from one of the poles »

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Dare to try, dare to explore

I noticed near the house a vegetable garden, with the usual variety of vegetables. In another inclosure was the commencement of an extensive vineyard, the fruit »

Winter Collection

Having determined to deviate from our direct course, in order to visit the rancho of Dr. Marsh, we parted from Messrs. McKee and Pickett about noon. »

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Having a first chance

We arrived at the rancho of Dr. Marsh about 5 o'clock P.M., greatly fatigued with the day's ride. The residence of Dr. M. »

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Trending Colors

Our horses were frightened last night by bears, and this morning, with the exception of those which were picketed, had strayed so far that we did »

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What we saw in California

We commenced to-day our journey from New Helvetia to San Francisco. Our party consisted, including myself, of Colonel Russell, Dr. McKee of Monterey, Mr. Pickett, a »

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Shadows & Lights

Next day Marcolf proves all his statements. Thus, he places a pan of milk in a dark closet, and suddenly calls the king. Solomon steps into »

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The Book of Delight

Joseph Zabara has only in recent times received the consideration justly due to him. Yet his "Book of Delight," finished about the year 1200, is more »

Fashion Teenager

You must try to understand that when I finished school I was as raw as raw could be. I had never travelled anywhere on my own, »