January 8, 2007

Look what happened! After nearly a year (and over 12,000 downloads from various sites) since I released Antique Modern to the community, I have finally created one of the most requested changes - BLUE. Some people didn't like the colors, and I basically told them they could fly a kite! Well, that was until now. I had a few changes to the Design (see below) and decided to release a separate color scheme along with the enhancements. I hope people like this one as much as the last!

Enhancements from Antique Modern


Previously the menu was aligned right, and the header-aligned left. This became troublesome when they merged. The menu would fall below. While I can't make the number of tabs unlimited, you can now have up to 7 without any negative effects.


In the "Antique Modern" Design, the sidebar would usually never be the same length as the content. This was not a complete problem, but it felt like a Design flaw. Fixed that right up!

Images and Dropshadows

I am not a graphic Designer. I am a programmer. So when it came to pass that I started Designing webpages, it wasn't perfect. I had dropshadows with different light sources, and didnt understand how to export them correctly. That is mostly fixed in this new Design with new colors. It isn't perfect. I am still not completely inclined to seeing graphics the way many artsy people do.

Other Changes

Well, nothing really. Honestly, most of the stuff on this Design is exactly as it was before. Have fun!