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Something meaningful

Or not so meaningful.

The Full Story

This Design was originally made for the Oracle ThinkQuest web site contest, but never made it to the contest. The Design sat on Jason's HDD for about a year. Given the poularity of Jason's 'Orange' template, he decided to tweak this for release into public domain as a free website template.

Who Made What

Andres Barreto made the original mock-up, which included most of the features present in the current Design. Will Rossiter converted it to XHTML and CSS, thus writing most of the underlying code. Jason Cole made many small changes to the template, mostly to prepare it for release as a free template, and making it all fluid width.


This Design is hereby released into the public domain, free of any warranty, for any use.
        - Jason Cole, with the permission of the other authors

Available Classes


The fluid layout here simply floats the left column, and gives this column spacious margins, while the header-and footer are simple blocks. A user of fluid layouts must always remember that the layout will probably break on certain configurations, or tiny screens.