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If you need help customising this design, I am available for paid work, on small or large projects. I can make custom designs or tailor most existing designs to suit your company or organisations image. Visit my company Web site to get in touch with me.


I would appreciate it if you could leave the copyright info intact, so that others can find the oswd site (and also me). Other than that, feel free to change colours, layout and any other elements!


[in] Business

This is my third design for My last design was downloaded so many times that I wanted to make another one along the same lines. This is another business themed layout that could just as easily be used for a personal blog site.

This design was made using CSS and does not use any tables because it has no tabular data. The site is valid CSS and valid XHTML 1.0 strict.

Tables are dead, CSS is what is intended for layouts and design, tables are for containing data. CSS uses less code, meaning your site loads quicker, which is great for search engines and people with slow internet connections.


  • Opera 7.54u1
  • Internet Explorer 6.0.290..
  • Firefox 1.0.6
  • Opera 8.0

The design is fluid, with a fixed-width side-bar. The colours, width, fonts etc can be changed by ammending the attached CSS file.