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21 December 2004 - Joe[y]

"Muzzle - n. 4. A restraint on free movement or expression"

The title of this design is ironic... go figure.

I suppose this design would be suitable for most sites but if you feel it still needs tuning to your particular choice I believe I have made the design very easy to edit, even with little HTML knowledge.

Standards and Accesisibility

21 December 2004 - Joe[y]

Muzzle is 100% compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict and uses CSS (see footer of page).
No tables have been used to layout elements and text.

Muzzle conforms to the WCAG double A rating and ยง 508 guidelines for web content accessibility... although, this is not a major issue in a simple website.


21 December 2004 - Joe[y]

Muzzle uses 2 external stylesheets rather than one, and no, the second is not an alternative layout - the second stylesheet is in fact a stylesheet designated for print media. The original CSS structure was taken from Oriel by RJShade.


21 December 2004 - Joe[y]

Yes, the design is cross-browser compatible and I can confirm that the design renders identically in Gecko (Mozilla Firefox 0.10.1), Opera (7.01) and even Internet Explorer (6.0)!