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A clean, fresh design that is quick to load.


My name is Callum Rimmer and I run a web software company in Bath, England. We have created a simple content management system and hosting packagefor small companies and individuals called iFrame.

iFrame is made to as easy to use as possible whilst giving you the flexibilty to design your site how you like. You can use any of the free designs on or as an iFrame template.

>> I'd appreciate keeping the iFrame backlink in the footer if you use this template.


This design is good for anyone who wishes to display images or photos on the homepage of there site. If you have a blog or photography site then this is a great medium for displaying content. I would appreciate you keeping the iFrame backlink in the footer. The image is from a great site for free imagery.

I wanted to make a design that looked like a notepad on the browser that you keep you thoughts in. A really online diary. It ended up looking a like an apple mac app. Anyway, enjoy.


If you would like to contact me for some help using this template or if you would like to known more about iFrame, Email me.