About the Template

This design is featuring my drawing. Some of my brushes were used as well.

Technical information

The layout is entirely formatted using CSS, so I strongly advise you not to change it, otherwise the layout might break. Editing the content should be easy, just don't delete anything outside areas marked with comments.

Since the OSWD rules forbid the use of JavaScript, Internet Explorer 6 (and lower) users won't see the rounded edges hover effect on the main menu because of poor CSS support of the said browser. You can get the working version at my website. If you don't need the top menu, just delete everything between <!-- TOP MENU --> and <!-- TOP MENU END --> — To make a link appear highlighted (like "Home" shown here) add a class "active" to the list item (li tag).

To make text appear in this box, use the blockquote tag, or add a class "box" to any element.

To keep the template looking exactly as you see it, use tags and classes provided in this example.

It's tested in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6, Opera 8, and Netscape 7.2, on resolution 800x600 and 1024x768, and works good in each of the mentioned. It is also validated XHTML and CSS.

Terms of Service

  1. Leave the credit and link back to http://inobscuro.com/ visible.
  2. Do not redistribute.
  3. Personal, non-profit use only.
  4. Derivative work prohibited.

Instructions for Installation

  • Download the .ZIP file containing the entire template;
  • Unzip the file. Use software like WinRAR, WinZIP, StuffIt etc. (If you have Windows XP then you don't need to download any additional software);
  • Open the file index.html in your text editor (Notepad) and edit the website title, content and links in the navigation area. (Those areas are marked with comments.) Save edited files under corresponding names (for example about.html, links.html...);
  • Upload all the files and folders to your server.

For detailed information on istalling this layout, please refer to my tutorial Installing premade templates.

Have fun and enjoy :)


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