Welcome to the site that I simply call 'SunFlower'. This is the first web page template that I have ever made for public use. I hope that someone somewhere will find this template useful to them. Please feel free to leave comments about the site so I can revise it and hopefully make better ones in the future.

About the Design

website template imageThere are no tables used to create this site, I only used strict CSS. This site also validates W3C standards for CSS and XHTML. This design works in the newest versions of IE Explorer, Fire Fox, Netscape and Opera. (All other browsers have not been checked.) All of the graphics are non-copyright, open source photographs from and are free to use without restrictions. You may use this design and its graphics without my permission and you may distribute it however you would like.

about the designer

website template imageI am a freelance designer located in North Carolina, USA. I am in the process of setting up a online web designing business and am open to any suggestions that you might have. This is my first template that I have ever made open source to the public, but I hope to continue when I have some more free time. If you like this design and would like me to design a web page for you, Please e-mail me at . Although it is not a requirement, I would like you to e-mail me at the above address and tell me how you plan on using this design. Thanks.