You now have a legal obligation - following the implementation of section 21 of the Disability Discrimination Act - to make reasonable adjustments to ensure blind and partially sighted people can access your service. RNIB, 2005

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This is just an example of what you can do with css.

Do you have an accessible site?

All you need to do is leave one of the accessibility badges (or buttons at the foot of the page) on the template and you can do what you want with it!

A disabled person can make a claim against you if your website makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult to access information and services. If you have not made reasonable adjustments and cannot show that this failure is justified, then you may be liable under the Act, and may have to pay compensation and be ordered by a court to change your site. RNIB 2005


We've added a few things over the last year so you can easily highlight regions, like so!

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Accessible website design is basically 'good website design' - RNIB
Accessibility 101 - Accessible Web Site Design information
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