Easily Updatable Website for $100
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Easily Updatable Website

We give you an easily updatable website using CMS for just $100
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Easily Updatable Websites, as made by 100 Dollar Website

updatable web sites or database driven web sites as they are sometimes referred to, are ideal for companies who need to make frequent changes to their site or need to hold searchable data on their site.

The web pages are updatable via a secure password protected administration area, which means that updates can be made quickly and simply by your internal staff, without the need to pay amendment charges. The user-friendly interface does not require any technical skills or knowledge.

The benefits of an updatable web site: Change news and articles 24/7 - whenever you want to! Photographs, text or documents can be uploaded Multiple passwords can be provided so that more than one user can update the site Visitors to your site recognise that your site is kept up-to-date with current information No need for a maintenance agreement with your web provider Keep your web site moving with the pace of your company's evolution

updatable web pages can be applied to the entire web site or just certain appropriate areas.