Welcome to BlackPink

This template has been designed by Arudis, and has been tested in 99% of browsers, including IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, and many more. It takes 1.3sec to load on a 56kb connection and only uses 2 images.

All we ask in return for use of this template is that you leave the link to Arudis. It would also be nice if you could email rock-god-123[at]hotmail.com if you use the template, or leave a comment on Autonomouse.

How to use the template

To edit the template, we recommend Dreamweaver 8/CS3.The files you'll need to open are:

Now you have your files open, edit the site like you would a normal site, but don't delete the footer bar below, or remove the text saying who the designers of the template were.

This design is released under the Arudis Terms of Service, with the relevant extract below:

You may use the template, provided the link to the page stays intact. If the link is found to be removed on a template, we will send you an email, asking to remove the template. If the template is still without a link, and we've already sent you an email, legal action will be taken.

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