Jan 002 {also known as 32 not out}

Why "32 not out"?

Well, I have a little tradition of my own, where I make a special template every year on my birthday. Not that there's anything special about this — and I must admit to it being a little childish — apart from being released on my birthday...

Anyhow, thank you for downloading this template. You are free to use it as you wish. All I ask is for a link back to me (you don't have to, but it will make me feel warm and fuzzy inside if you do). Do drop me a mail if you like this or use it, or have any suggestions about improving it.

(24 January 2008)

This is an h2 heading

And this an h3

And now for some styles. This is a link. The following is a blockquote:

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Some lists:

  1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.
  2. Maecenas placerat tellus vitae eros.
  3. Fusce ut pede ac pede consectetuer gravida.
  4. Duis fringilla est quis lacus.

And to round things off, a form:


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