Professional Template - Lunaria 2

Lunaria 2 is a free web template for online businesses. It is XHTML and CSS valid, clean and simple. This template is one-page. Other pages can be quickly created by copying the index page. The text uses the Trajan Pro, Georgia serif fonts with Verdana, Arial sans-serif fonts. The color scheme uses purple, light blue, tan, and green.

website template image

The Lunaria 2 logo is actually white text over darker text that is slightly moved to give the appearance of depth. The navigation bar expands with the text used for links to various pages. Images can be added to the text and are floated right with a faint border. Headers 1-3 have a green arrow background and are indented.

Open source template

This web template is given free of charge and therefore has no support. You are free to modify the page as you like to develop your own site. Please keep in mind the following when using this template:

  • No support is available for this free template. A basic knowledge of XHTML and CSS is needed to develop your own site. If help is needed, Dream Web Designs can be hired to develop your website.
  • This page may be modified as you like.
  • Please do not use design template for sites which are illegal. We bear no responsibility for where it is used.
  • Please support our work by crediting the original design. A link back is greatly appreciated and will help us further produce quality professional templates.
  • This template, or any modified version of it, MAY NOT be resold. You may develop individual sites from this template to sell, as long as credit for the original design is displayed.

Thank you for using Lunaria 2!

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