CSS Property - Border Color

Value: <color>{1,4}
Initial: the value of the 'color' property
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: no
Percentage values: N/A

The "border-color" property sets the color of the four borders. "border-color" can have from one to four values, and the values are set on the different sides like "border-width".

This property also applies to all of the following border colour elements:

  • border-top-color
  • border-right-color
  • border-bottom-color
  • border-left-color

If no color value is specified, the value of the "color" property of the element itself will take its place.

The following example will have a black solid border as it takes on the "color" property.


color: #000000;
background: #FFFFFF;
border: solid;

This is the result

Using the following example you can specify all four border colours in one tag.


border-color: red blue black red;

This is the result