CSS Property - Letter Spacing

Value: normal | <length>
Initial: normal
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: yes
Percentage values: N/A

The CSS property "letter-spacing" is a length unit which indicates an addition to the default space between characters. Values can be negative, but there may be implementation-specific limits. The UA is free to select the exact spacing algorithm. The letter spacing may also be influenced by justification (which is a value of the "align" property).

The following example shows a "P" element with the class ".space", this element would have an increased letter spacing between each character by "0.1em".


p.space {
letter-spacing: 0.1em;

With a value of "normal", the UAs may change the space between letters to justify text. This will not happen if "letter-spacing" is explicitly set to a <length> value:


p.space {letter-spacing: 0;}
p.space {letter-spacing: 0cm;}

When the resultant space between two letters is not the same as the default space, UAs should not use ligatures.

CSS1 core: UAs may interpret any value of "letter-spacing" as "normal".