CSS Property - Text Transform

Value: capitalize | uppercase | lowercase | none
Initial: none
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: yes
Percentage values: N/A

The CSS property "text-transform" describes how text is shown within an element.

  • capitalize: uppercases the first character of each word
  • uppercase: uppercases all letters of the element
  • lowercase: lowercases all letters of the element
  • none: neutralizes inherited value.

The actual transformation in each case is human language dependent.


p{text-transform: capitalize;}

result: capitalize first letter of each word

p{text-transform: uppercase;}

result: text is written in uppercase

p{text-transform: lowercase;}


p{text-transform: none;}

ResUlT: Text stays as IT has bEen Written

CSS1 core: UAs may ignore "text-transform" (i.e., treat it as "none") for characters that are not from the Latin-1 repertoire and for elements in languages for which the transformation is different from that specified by the case-conversion tables of Unicode